So you’re looking to rent a home? Great! The best place to get started is to use my site and see what is available on the market or use the following sites for their own rental searches.

The thing about rentals is there tend to be a lot of off the market rentals as well as on market. When it comes to rentals it is best to go to the sources directly in finding the right option. And by going to the source directly we recommend contacting the agent or owner listed online.

Should you need any further assistance. Leave a comment below and I can have an agent from my office assist you with your rental search.

Some things to keep in mind for your search as far as qualifying and tips are:

  • When Qualifying a landlord/property management company will be looking to see if you make 3X the rent in gross household income, that you have good rental history, no broken leases, and lastly no criminal history. Outside of these 3 things, it’s all negotiable. Aggressive dogs breeds, misdemeanors, bad credit anything. It is my suggestion that when you do apply and have any of the above-listed items, that you write a letter to the landlord and explain why they should rent to you. Sometimes you may get approved and expect them to ask for a larger deposit.
  • Application fees are usually below $100 depending on the company facilitating the app and background check. First, you apply then once approved you pay the lease and turn in any deposits.
  • Security deposits are usually one month’s rent


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